Whether you are home enjoying private time on the couch, or meeting with friends, we all know that a good time starts with good wine. That's why we're here – to create the best wine to shape your special moments.

At Tabor Winery, we believe that excellent wine is generated in the early stages, starting in the vineyard. That's why our well-known vineyards are ecological and natural. Our vineyards are being watched by a very special supervisor –

The owl, that makes sure the ecological balance, we care so much about, is well kept.

Planning a romantic night? Meeting up with great friends? Hosting a gathering for a happy family get-together? Don't forget Tabor wine -

and enjoy it together.
A Little Bit of History

Tabor Winery was established in 1999 by 4 experienced vineyard families. Located in Tabor village up on the Galilee Mountains, Tabor Winery started small, while soon becoming one of Israel's most famous and leading wineries. This advancement was thanks to creativity, determination and ecological care, that led to our exceptional, state-of-the-art wine collection.

Our delightful winery is settled among the soft, unique lines of the Galilee mountains – one of Israel's most productive wine-making zones, while our vineyards are located in strategic spots all over Israel, from north to south. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy varied climates and soils, allowing us to create an extensive list of diverse wines.

In 2012 we made a decision – to embrace the ecological standards we value so much. From that day until now, all of our vineyards are ecological-based, consisting of various ecological actions, aiming for nature restoration. Our efforts are supervised by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and of course – The owl.

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